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Auch du hast diesen einen jemanden in deinem Umkreis, der selber Musik macht und einmal Premium Sound verdient?

Verschenke Premium Service zu Weihnachten mit einem guten Zweck

Die goldene CD mit individueller Beschriftung

Mixing & Mastering auf Premium Niveau für Musik
in deinem Umkreis


 € 349,-

30€ jeder Bestellung
gehen an


Fülle das Kontaktformular mit allen Informationen aus
und wir melden uns umgehend bei dir

  • I know someone who makes music at home but doesn't have a song yet, is that also possible?
    Of course, in that case we would be happy to make you a non-binding offer. Write to us.
  • The person has a song but cannot record it himself. Is this possible?
    Of course. We have contacts all over the place so that we can make a recording possible. Write to us.
  • Can I design the lettering on the sign myself?
    Yes, we will contact you within 48 hours after ordering, so you have enough time to create a text.
  • Can I change the design of the text later?
    Unfortunately no. The golden CD is manufactured by an external provider and receives the production order from us immediately after we have received the text from you.
  • I have someone who has more than one song, is that ok?
    In this case, please contact us so that we can discuss a separate offer here.
  • Can I exchange the gift later?
    Unfortunately no. Unfortunately, since this is an individually designed product with a subsequent service, it cannot be exchanged.
  • By when do I have to order so that it arrives in time for Christmas?
    We assume by December 15th at the latest. Since the logistical route also plays an important role here and unfortunately cannot be planned for in the foreseeable future, we ask that you order as early as possible.
  • When is the actual "Mixing & Mastering" service carried out?
    As soon as the recipient has received their "golden CD", they can contact us. We then discuss all the important details and then schedule the "studio time".
  • How many "golden CDs" are available?
    Due to capacity reasons in our studio, this offer is initially limited to 100 pieces.
  • Does the donation go to "RSH helps help"?
    Yes. After December 24th, when the campaign is over, we will publish a donation amount that we have reached.
  • Approximately when can I expect the order?
    The goods will usually arrive 5-8 days after receipt of payment (Paypal preferred).
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