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Hz-Blut Audio

Tonstudio Kiel

Hz-Blut Audio Recording

Mixing, Mastering & Production

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Welcome to Hz-Blut Audio – your expert in professional mixing, mastering, and music production. Let's bring your musical vision to life together!

Tonstudio Kiel Mixing

"Your music, my craft"



In mastering, I balance the sonic elements of your stereo mix and optimize playback across various systems and media formats. To achieve the highest audio quality, I also enhance the stereo image, ensuring an optimal listening experience.



In mixing, I craft a three-dimensional, unique musical essence. With meticulous dedication, I shape each note, infusing your music with impact and assertiveness. A harmonious interplay of precisely placed tones results in an impressive masterpiece. From bass to highs, I endow your music with presence and clarity.

At Hz-Blut Audio, I illuminate your demos and ideas. Collaborating with talented songwriters, musicians, and producers, I develop your story and shape a unique sound that highlights your individuality. I believe in each artist's distinctive sound that touches hearts.


what happened until now



Stirring. Passionate. Hz-Blut Audio.

For over 30 years, music has accompanied me on my life's journey. Already at the tender age of 8 I received my first synthesizer, which ignited a deep passion in me.

But it wasn't until 16 years later that my true studio passion was born:

It started with a song Marc had written. Almost fully produced, but sonically far from what our ears pamper every day.

I decided to get the best out of the song. I bought software, loaded the song, and got started. But what happened next was a discouraging improvement.

My irrepressible ambition drove me forward, and a little angel on my shoulder whispered: This is a craft that can be learned. So I enrolled in a school for sound engineering and music production.

For almost two years, I immersed myself in the world of audio and mastering engineering, successfully passed various exams and gained in-depth knowledge. It was also during this time that Hz-Blut Audio was born - my opportunity to contribute to the music world.

But the journey didn't end there. A new hurdle was already waiting: the room acoustics. Because it's not enough to just have a studio - the acoustics have to be perfectly coordinated. So I relied on my manual skills again. Together with acousticians and specialist companies, I developed and implemented a variety of elements in order to be able to offer my customers a premium service.

And so every project at Hz-Blut Audio is created with a good portion of passion and dedication - with Hz-Blut.

Are you ready to take your music to the next level? Immerse yourself in a world where sound comes to life and evokes emotions. Together we create music that captivates the listener and touches the heart.

Let's create the soundtrack of your success together. Dare to bring your music to life with Hz-Blut.


Mixing Mastering Tonstudio Kiel
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Fletchfoxx Mixing

Markus totally inspired me as a mixing engineer and was able to bring my project to the perfect result with a lot of patience and sensitivity. I would trust him with my songs again at any time.


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